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Unique Tuckpointing offers an extensive range of restoration services for your home. Please click on one of the links on the left side of this page to jump directly to the description of that service.


This technique is used to disguise unevenly shaped or spaced bricks and give the impression that the bricks are of uniform size, and spaced with very fine, even joints. Tuckpointing can significantly increase the appeal and value of both older buildings and newly built homes.

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Tuckpointing Restoration

If your home has existing tuckpointing suffering from wear and tear such as fading colour or white lines falling off or generally looking old and faded, we can restore it to look brand new at a much cheaper cost and faster completion time than tuckpointing from scratch. Please ask us about this service when calling for a quote.


We can renew mortar joints that have broken down and started to fall out from between the bricks of old buildings. Our team will match the new mortar to the existing finish or your colour preferences so the whole surface looks even and as good as new.

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Damp-proof Coursing

For walls suffering from rising damp, we can incorporate a barrier into a wall to prevent moisture rising through the building. As well as increasing the value of your home, proper damp-proof coursing means less maintenance work will be required in the future.

More information about damp-proof coursing

Limestone Repointing & Restoration

In addition to cleaning, restoring and re-pointing existing limestone, we can also apply a mock (imitation) limestone finish for you in a variety of aesthetically appealing styles and configurations.

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Even though fireplaces are often the centrepiece of living rooms in older homes, they are often neglected when it comes to restoration. Restoring fireplaces through cleaning, brickpointing and tuckpointing will make the interior of your home seem cleaner and more welcoming.

More information about fireplace services

Chimney Repairs

Like fireplaces, chimneys are often overlooked when the rest of the house is restored. A fully restored chimney is a great asset to any period home, and we can make your chimney look as good as new.

More information about chimney services

Window Aprons

Period homes often have decorative aprons beneath windows to emphasize them; these need to be restored every now and then just like any other aesthetic feature. Restoring or creating window aprons is a delicate process.

More information about window aprons

Render Bands

Many homes use a combination of different finishes; sometimes, on a wall will have a band of a different finish rendered across the existing finish. The result is quite a striking visual effect, which we can help create, restore or even remove if you decide a render band is no longer suited to your home's style.

More information about render bands


Stucco is a rough, textured render that can be applied over the top of less visually appealing surfaces such as cement, metal or concrete. This can be done outdoors or indoors, and we can colour match where required.

More information about stucco

Ceramics & Pottery

Unique Tuckpointing is now proud to offer you a range of delightful ceramic and pottery pieces. These are all hand-made in Western Australia by a local craftsman. Please contact us for individual pricing. If the item you want isn't in stock, it will be made to order within 2 weeks, and delivered to you directly (Free delivery on orders over $100, otherwise $10 for Perth metro).

More information about ceramics & pottery

Paint Repairs

We have extensive experience in paint repairs - from minor touch-ups to a complete acid paint-stripping and repaint, no job is too big or too small. We use high-quality paints which suit your house and are able to withstand the elements.

More information about paint repairs


Something wrong with your home, but not quite sure which of our many services you need? We will be happy to look it over and give you a free, no-obligation quote. Give us a call or send us an e-mail, and find out what we can do for you!

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