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Damp proof Coursing

A damp-proof course (DPC) is a horizontal barrier inside a wall with the purpose of preventing rising damp, in which water slowly rises through the building. Rising damp can cause paint and plaster to peel, ruin the finish of a surface, or even cause the mortar between the bricks to erode, eventually requiring brickpointing to prevent the wall from collapsing. The technique itself dates as far back as the Roman Empire, where courses of slate were used to protect homes from moisture damage.

Laying damp-proof coursing Re-bricking over coursing Restoring facade to hide coursing
1. Laying damp-proof coursing 2. Re-bricking over coursing 3. Restoring facade to hide coursing

When working on walls which are susceptible to rising damp, our team can fit a damp-proof course for you to ensure the new finish stays robust and unblemished for years to come. The damp-proof course will typically be a thin layer of plastic or slate embedded in the mortar between two courses of bricks or limestone blocks.

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