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Fireplace Restoration services

After many years, brick fireplaces are often eyesores that detract from the atmosphere of your home. Layers of soot and ash, stains and mortar decay accumulate over the years, resulting in a grimy, blackened and miscoloured fireplace. Restoring a fireplace doesn't just increase the value of your house - it makes the house feel more welcoming!

To restore fireplaces, we typically begin by cleaning the fireplaces - removing all the stains, soot and ash from the bricks and mortar. In extreme cases we use a powerful acid to cleanse particularly persistent blemishes. Following this, we may need to repoint the fireplace if it has been in neglect for a long time, to prevent it from falling apart. Finally, we can tuckpoint fireplaces as a finishing touch, turning them into an aesthetic highlight inside your home.

Fireplace (before) Fireplace (after)
Above: A fireplace before and after restoration.

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