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Limestone Repointing & Restoration

Many homes, period and modern, incorporate limestone features into their design. Unique Tuckpointing offers a variety of services aimed at restoring limestone elements or enhancing their appearance. We can even create new ones for you using mock limestone!

Repointing - Limestone repointing is similar to brickpointing, but is somewhat more complicated due to the size of limestone blocks, which are generally several times larger than ordinary bricks. To stop the future degradation of the mortar between limestone blocks, we can also add damp-proof coursing to limestone foundations on feature walls.

Restoration - As limestone is a lighter colour than most bricks, the effects of staining and environmental wear and tear are more apparent after many years of exposure to the elements. We can restore worn limestone by cleaning it to make it appear new, patching up any cracks or chips, and filling in gaps in a limestone feature.

Mock Limestone - Mock (or imitation) limestone looks exactly like the real thing, but can be applied over the top of an existing finish so far less time, work and money are required to create a new limestone facade or feature wall. We can also use mock limestone to give a wall or feature the appearance of a limestone foundation.

Limestone(before) Limestone (after)
Above: Before and after mock limestone restoration and repointing.

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