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Developed in England in the late eighteenth century, tuckpointing uses two contrasting colours of mortar in brickwork, one colour matching the bricks themselves, to disguise unevenly shaped or spaced bricks and give the impression that the bricks are of uniform size, and spaced with very fine, even joints.

Shayde starts tuckpointing
Above: Shayde working hard in the early stages of tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is especially popular with older properties, particularly those with Federation or Italianate architecture, but it may be used to greatly enhance the beauty and value of any brick, limestone or rendered walls or pillars, even those of brand new buildings.

Tuckpointing is complete
Above: The building's new look after the tuckpointing is finished

Unique Tuckpointing also offers colour matches for tuckpointing - you get to choose the mortar shades and colours that we use when tuckpointing your home, allowing you the flexibility to tailor our work to meet your specific tastes or requirements.

Tuckpointing Restoration

If your home has existing tuckpointing suffering from wear and tear - such as fading colour or white lines falling off or generally looking old and faded - we can restore it to look brand new at a far lower cost and faster completion rate than tuckpointing from scratch. Please ask us about our Tuckpointing Restoration service when calling for a quote.

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